Harris Flanagin

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Harris Flanagin was governor of the State of Arkansas under the Confederate States of America, serving from November 4, 1862, to April 18, 1864, and ninth governor of the state from 1873-1874.

Flanagin was born at Roadstown, N. J., to James and Mary F. Flanagin on November 3, 1817. He studied law in Illinois, and then resettled to Greenville, Arkansas, in 1837. He moved to Arkadelphia in 1842. The next year saw his election to the state legislature.

In 1861 he enlisted in the Army of the Confederacy as a captain. He rose to the rank of colonel before his election as Confederate governor of Arkansas in November 1862. He was replaced by military governance by the occupying Union forces on April 18, 1864.

Flanagin died in Arkadelphia on October 23, 1874.


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