George Hargreaves

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Landscaping on west side of the Clinton Presidential Center grounds. Photo by James Hyde.
George Hargreaves created gigantic grassy polygonal mounds between the Clinton Library and the I-30 overpass. Photo by Phil Frana.
Steps on the grounds of the Clinton Presidential Center. Photo by Sean Oakley.

George Hargreaves is the landscape architect for the grounds surrounding the Clinton Presidential Center. He is Senior Principal of Hargreaves Associates in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Hargreaves was responsible for redesigning 28 acres of reclaimed brownfield at the Clinton Library site. Hargreaves created gigantic grassy polygonal mounds between the Library and the I-30 overpass, determined the alignment of streets and sidewalks on the site, built terraces outside the archival complex, and also made plans for the contemplative grove and Scholar's Garden.


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