George B. Rose

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George B. Rose was a Little Rock lawyer with the Rose Law Firm and a local author.

Rose was born to Uriah M. Rose and Margaret T. (Gibbs) Rose in Batesville, Arkansas, on July 10, 1860. He moved with his family to Little Rock in 1865.

Rose was educated at St. John's College in Little Rock, and received his LL.D. from the University of Arkansas. He was admitted to the Arkansas bar in 1879. Rose married Marion Kimball on May 2, 1882. He became fourth president of the Arkansas State Bar Association. In the late nineteenth century he was the president of the Consumers Light & Power Company.

As a young man Rose wrote a fictional account of the local discovery of an "elixir of life" in the story "Dr. Ellison, A True Story of Little Rock." He also wrote "William Wilson, A True Story of Little Rock," an homage to Edgar Allan Poe. He later published the work Wasted Moments in 1891, and Sebastian, A Dramatic Poem in 1894.


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