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FUTURE-Little Rock was an early 1990s organization dedicated to the revitalization of the urban core of Little Rock. FUTURE-Little Rock organized around 400-600 local residents who wanted the city to refocus development of the city away from the sprawling west side of the city and back towards its historic center at the Old State Capitol.

The Future Little Rock Initiative was created in 1993. While there are many on going projects, the effects of this plan is evident. In 1993, Little Rock was seen for its rise of youth violence, drugs, and wide spread violent crimes. 76 people were murdered in 1993, alone. The plan called for three million dollars a year to be used for Prevention, Intervention, and Treatment (PIT). PIT includes programs that addresses youth issues, public safety, and to help prevent youth violence. PIT has been very successful. Since 1993, violent crimes have reduced by more than 50%. Some of these programs include Alert Centers, Black on Black Crime Coalition, the Boys and Girls Club, and Neighborhood Support Center. The sales taxes have provided Little Rock with 135 police officers over 3 years. They have also provided Little Rock with PIT programs, six Traffic Services Officers, and four Communication Operators.


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