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The archives of women in science and engineering keep record of the achievement of American women with careers in science and engineering. The achievements of the women within this field are so valuable because women were originally not allowed to go into prestigious male- dominated career fields such as science and engineering. The goal of the women in science oral history project is to produce a collection of oral interviews to keep on record and become a part of the archives of women in science and engineering. So, if anyone wants to know about women’s history and highlights in relation science and engineering starting from the 20th century this particular archive would be available. The WISE Archives provide great documentation of the various obstacles women had to face when trying to have a career in science. The oral interviews were more beneficial than the written records because the interviewer was able to clearly emphasize who was involved and all partly involved could be heard. The archives not only conducted interviews but they gathered papers of American women scientists and researchers. They really wanted to present a clear picture of the experiences of women in the science and engineering field.