Fermentables and Homegrown Hobbies

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Fermentables logo.
Street View of Fermentables

Fermentables and Homegrown Hobbies is a homebrew and winemakers supply store located in North Little Rock, Arkansas, at 3915 Crutcher Street. Aside from homebrew and winemaking supplies, Fermentables sells hydroponic gardening tools. The store obtains its brewing supplies from Crosby and Baker, a New England-based company. Gardening products come from Hydrofarm Horticultural Products.


Fermentables was established in 1994 by Eric Lancaster. The store was taken over by Eric's sister, Suzanna Lancaster, and husband-in-law, Mike Byrnum, after his tragic death in 2002. Fermentables is now connected to the Central Arkansas Fermenters club, which was formed in 2003 and hosts various activities around Central Arkansas, including LittleRocktoberFest.


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