Conway County Library

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Street View of Conway County Library

The Conway County Library was erected in Morrilton, Arkansas, in 1916. The library is made of concrete, brick, and ceramic tile, and was designed by Thomas Harding II.

The county library has its origins in the book collecting efforts of the Pathfinder Club, an association of local women. Beginning in 1897 Pathfinder members began moving a stockpile of books from the house of one member to another and appointing one of their number the local librarian. Borrowing privileges were limited to members at this time.

In 1914 Morrilton officials called a meeting to help the Pathfinders relocate their collection to a permanent location. A local fundraising effort led to the purchase of the Old Presbyterian Church. Membership was expanded to include dues-paying individuals sponsored by Pathfinder members.

In the 1910s the Pathfinders acquired a collection of 1,800 books from W. S. Cazort, who had purchased the books from Chicago engraver William H. Porter. The books today form the Porter Collection.

The Pathfinders received a grant of $10,000 from the Andrew Carnegie Foundation to build a free public library on September 29, 1915. The grant allowed the club to build the present Conway County Library. The library opened for the first time in October 1916. The original 3,628 square foot facility was expanded in 2000 to include 1,300 more square feet and make the building handicap accessible.

The address of the library is 101 West Church Street. The Conway County Library is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


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