Central Arkansas Fermenters

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The Central Arkansas Fermenters is a club for residents of central Arkansas interested in homebrewing and winemaking. They focus on education about the fermentation process and promotion of responsible drinking. The club hosts wine and beer tasting parties, brewing demonstrations, beer competitions, wine dinners, and public activities such as LittleRocktoberFest. Central Arkansas Fermenters was formed in 2003.

Anyone can join the club, even those with no fermenting experience, for a $25 annual fee. Members gain access to advice from expert fermenters, members-only events (such as Big Brew Day), free beverages at meetings, and discounts at Boscos. Non-members are allowed to attend meetings, held monthly at Fermentables and Homegrown Hobbies in North Little Rock, but are charged $10-$20 for refreshments.

The Central Arkansas Fermenters have sponsored and ran the Arkansas State Fair Homebrew Competition annually since 2008. It is a competition for Arkansas residents to submit their best homebrewed beverages. They also provide judges for the event.

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