Ashley Cockrill

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Ashley Cockrill was a Little Rock attorney with the firm of Cockrill & Armistead. His partner in the firm was Henry Marshall Armistead.

Cockrill was born in Little Rock on November 8, 1872. He was an 1892 graduate of the University of Virginia, and received his legal education from the University of Arkansas. He was admitted to the Arkansas bar in 1894. Cockrill was Little Rock City Attorney from 1902 to 1906. Cockrill also served on the Little Rock School Board from 1909 to 1912.

Cockrill & Armistead were attorneys for England National Bank, the Lasker-Morris Trust Company, American Cotton Oil Company, Union Seed & Fertilizer Company, Little Rock Gas & Fuel Company, Arkansas Building & Loan Association, Buckeye Cotton Oil Company, and Fidelity & Deposit Company. The offices of the firm were located at 901-907 Southern Trust Building.


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