Arkansas DWI Laws

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Arkansas DWI Laws make it illegal to drive while intoxicated. Arkansas considers a person intoxicated when their blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is 0.08% or greater.

Many times, a person’s BAC is tested during a routine traffic stop (speeding, dangerous driving etc). Officers are allowed to test because of the Implied Consent Law. Everyone agrees to this law when they receive their driver’s license. It allows any police officer to test for drug or alcohol use during a traffic stop if substance use is suspected.

Each DUI case is different because many include speeding tickets or other moving violations, but generally the first offence includes a fine ($150-$1000) and a license suspension of 120 days. Jail time (24 hours to a year) may be included, especially if there is a minor in the car (7 days to a year). A second offense can lead to more jail time(7+ days without a minor in the car, and 30+ days with a minor), a larger fine ($400-$3000), and a license suspension of up to 2 years. A third offense can lead to jail time (90+ days without a minor and 120+ days with a minor), a fine ($900-$5,000), and license suspension of 30 months. A fourth offense is considered a felony with 1-6 years in prison a fine ($900-$5000), license suspension of 4 years, Alcohol Education classes, a minimum of one year community service, and possible seizing of the vehicle. Each offense may lead to required community service and Alcohol Education classes.


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