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Wooster is an incorporated town in west-central Faulkner County, Arkansas. The town is located at the intersection of Arkansas Highway 285 and Arkansas Highway 25. The population of Wooster is 516.


The area of Wooster was first settled by Alabamans Nathan and Elizabeth Pearson in 1869. The couple purchased just east of the present town after purchasing a section of land on January 10, 1870, first owned under an 1820 patent by War of 1812 veteran Robert Robertson. A store owned by W. E. Adams was sold to J. P. Wooster on October 27, 1881, and the store became both the namesake of the town and its community center. A U.S. Post Office opened on March 20, 1883, under postmaster J. H. Smith. By the 1910s the town had grown to encompass the post office, three stores, a blacksmith shop, doctor's office, and Masonic building, but no church or school. A Baptist church joined the community in 1917.

Highway 65 originally cut through Wooster in 1923, passing north to Bono, Martinville, Damascus, and Clinton. The town's economy suffered when the highway was rerouted through Greenbrier in 1942.


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