William Read Miller

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William Read Miller was twelfth governor of the State of Arkansas, serving from January 11, 1877, to January 11, 1881.

Miller was born in Independence County, Arkansas, to John and Clara (Moore) Miller on November 27, 1823. In 1848 he was elected as clerk of the county. In 1854 he was appointed state auditor. He became accountant of the Real Estate Bank of the State of Arkansas in 1855. Miller was elected state auditor in 1856, serving in that position until 1864, and then again from 1874 to early 1877. He became the first native-born governor of the state on January 11, 1877. He occupied the governorship in the first years following the end of Reconstruction.

Miller died in the office of state auditor on November 27, 1887.


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