William Montgomery Brown

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William Montgomery Brown (1855-1937) was a bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas. He became bishop of the Arkansas Diocese on September 5, 1900, and served the church in this position until 1912.

Brown was a native of Galion, Ohio. He is notable as an author of leftist literature. The Episcopal Church tried Brown for heresy in 1924-1925.

He was the author of many books, including:

  • The Church for Americans (1896)
  • The Crucial Race Question (1906)
  • Communism and Christianism (1920)
  • My Heresy: The Autobiography of an Idea (1926)
  • Why I Am a Communist (1932)
  • Teachings of Marx for Girls and Boys (1935)
  • Communism: The New Faith for a New World (1935)


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