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The William J. Clinton Foundation is a nonprofit corporation established in 1997. The Foundation is dedicated to preserving the legacy of President Bill Clinton, his record of presidential leadership, as well as several ongoing initiatives. The Foundation raised funds and constructed the William J. Clinton Presidential Center in downtown Little Rock.

The mission of the Foundation in creating the Presidential Center is "to establish and support a Presidential archival depository, ... to house and preserve the books, correspondence, documents, papers, pictures, photographs, and other memorabilia of William J. Clinton, the President of the United States of America, as well as other objects or materials related to the papers or events of the official or personal life of William J. Clinton that have historical or commemorative value, and to undertake and support research and educational activities on policy and historical issues related to the life and work of William J. Clinton."

Other projects of the Foundation involve "responding to challenges of the global neighborhood; responding to the challenge of September 11; promoting reconciliation and cooperation among the world's ethnic, racial, and religious groups; promoting economic empowerment through opportunity and responsibility; and supporting a new generation of leaders."


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