Wiederkehr Wine Cellars and Vineyard

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Wiederkehr Wine Cellars and Vineyard

Located on St. Mary's Mountain near Altus, Arkansas, the Wiederkehr Vineyards since its founding by Johann Andreas Wiederkehr in the late 1800s. The winery is still family owned and operated by the third and fourth generations. A huge initiator of Arkansas wine culture, Wiederkehr has remained a top producer of fine wines for over a century.

The Wiederkehr winery is a US Bonded Winery, No. 8. The original wine cellar that Johann Andres Wiederkehr carved from the hillside is not only still in existence but is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The cellar is now home to the Weinkeller Restaurant.


File:WeinfestPoster 2007.jpg
The Weinfest Poster from 2007 (taken from the Wiederkehr Wine Cellars Wine Festival page).

This winery was founded in 1880, the year Johann Andreas Wiederkehr and his family emigrated to Altus from Switzerland. Wiederkehr chose Altus specifically for the surrounding area's climate and soil, as they resembled the grape growing climates and soils of Europe. Upon arrival in Altus, Wiederkehr quickly began carving a large wine cellar from the hillside. As previously mentioned, this wine cellar is now known as the Weinkeller Restaurant, which serves authentic Swiss and European food and beverages. With this winery, Wiederkehr produces wines from the grapes, blackberries, and persimmons native the Altus area, helping create the American wine industry.

The Winemaking Process

Altus's unique environment of mountains and valleys helps create a variety of different microclimates, leading to the growth of a variety of grapes, which in turn leads to the production of a variety of wines. The Wiederkehr family has chosen the locations of their vineyards through the years by carefully researching how each location affects the growth of each variety of grape. When harvest time comes, the Wiederkehr's viticulturists and wine master monitor the grapes carefully in order to harvest them at the perfect time for production. Samples of the grapes are analyzed at a lab to ensure the grapes are harvested at their peak. When it is time to harvest the grapes, they are picked and quickly taken to the winery to be crushed into the fermentation juice or "must." This must is monitored and controlled carefully by the wine master to produce the desired characteristics in the final product. The juice is then aged in casks and then later bottled and sold.


Wiederkehr Wine Cellars hosts an annual wine festival (2010 was their 47th annual festival). Admission is free, however tickets must be purchased to view the Evening Show and attend the Festival Banquet in the Festhall. There are numerous activities at these festivals: tours of the historic wine cellars, the championship grape stomp, conga line dancing through the cellars, sing-a-longs (in German and English), free wine tastings, polka lessons, and many more live entertainment acts.


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