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Union National Bank was one of the largest local banks in Little Rock in the twentieth century.

The bank had its origins in W. J. Turner and Company, a private bank opened in 1885 by William J. Turner. Turner was former chief clerk and deputy of the office of Arkansas State Treasurer. Turner's bank was originally located at 223 West Markham Avenue. The bank was purchased by brothers Sydney J. Johnson and Allen M. Johnson in 1893. The bank was renamed S. J. Johnson Company. In 1899 the bank absorbed the Guaranty Trust Company, and the resulting entity became known in 1902 as the Union Trust Company. In 1919 Union Trust merged with the Mercantile Trust Company and the bank again changed names to Union Mercantile Trust. In 1924 the bank was known simply as Union Trust. The name changed in 1933 to Union Bank, and in 1934 after receiving a national bank charter to Union National Bank.

From 1968 to 1993 the bank occupied the twenty-one story Union National Bank Building at 400 Main Street. The bank building was the tallest tower in Arkansas until November 1969 when it was surpassed by the Worthen Bank Building.

The bank ceased to exist as a separate entity after a 1993 merger with Worthen Bank.


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