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     * President Farris host dinner for senators
     * President Farris host dinner for senators
     * Jeffrey Osborne Concert
     * Jeffrey Osborne Concert
     * Vortex funding
     * ''[[Vortex]]'' funding
     * University Sing, Air Band
     * University Sing, Air Band
     * Change machine
     * Change machine

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The Student Government Association of the University of Central Arkansas, SGA, represents the student body at all times and in all circumstances, in areas such as: allocating and administrating student activity funds; advising the administration in regard to student-related policies; cooperating with faculty in determining student obligations and honors; considering all student petitions to SGA; planning and supervising all SGA elections; and approving charters or cancellations of RSOs.

The SGA was created to represent student interests on campus and push for initiatives that are beneficial for the student body. It exists to make sure that students are the number one priority in every decision made at UCA. The Slogan of SGA is: Students First!

The SGA is composed of total of forty senators divided into: "The Executive Board" consisting of a Executive President, Executive Vice-President, Vice-President of Operations, Vice-President of Finance. SGA representation from each class shall be as follows: President, Vice-President, Five (5) Representatives. Additional Members: Five (5) Senators at Large, Three (3) Graduate Senators.

The full Senate meets every Monday at 5 pm in Student Center 208. All students are invited to attend. This is the time when all the classes and committees come together, under the direction of the Executive Board, to report on goals and projects that are being carried out by the body. Any student can be appointed to a committee.


Early 40's

  • SIC — Student Interest Committee
  • 5 members appointed by the President
  • sponsor receptions, dance, teas
  • There was an activity fee, same ratio as now

Mid 50's

  • Changed Student Council to Student Senate
  • Good attendance — weren't allowed to miss
  • Dealt with complaints of food, residence hall hours, and dance bands
  • Met Monday nights
  • Good leadership (mostly Greek in early days)
  • Some of the leadership — Art Dunaway, Phil Logan, Jerry Riddle, Sheffield
  • Nelson (2 terms), Mark Thomas


President: Jerry Riddle

  • Senators met with Hendrix senators, merge programs
  • Bike racks
  • Gym hours
  • "Chase" concert
  • Dorm Awareness Week
  • Marquee
  • Homecoming Dance
  • Senator absences a problem

1972 President: Townsley

  • Served as guides for freshmen orientation
  • Wrote resolution to city (Little Rock) barring rock concert
  • Poll concerning women's rights (regarding residence hail)
  • Stay-On-Campus Weekend
  • Motorcycles not allowed on campus
  • Black faculty
  • Sadie Hawkins Week
  • ZZ Top Concert
  • Arts Festival
  • Cancel afternoon classes in November to vote
  • Voted to allow non-senators right to speak


President: Mike Felts

Most Memorable Events:

   * Week to achieve "University" status (State College of Arkansas)
   * Work with Royal Rooters
   * Living conditions of Wingo Hall (for married couples)
   * Invited UALR president to speak on their Book Program
   * Grading system
   * Black faculty
   * Tennis courts flooding
   * Clocks on campus


President: Michael Jones

Most Memorable Events:

   * Most Memorable Events:
   * Dances after football games
   * Parking meters, ice machines in residence halls
   * Canoes
   * Space for motorcycles
   * Senate radio program each week (15 minutes)
   * Requested drawings to update Student Center
   * Open Student Center for Sunday
   * Books
   * Purchase curtains for center
   * Speed breakers
   * Lighting by Library
   * Funding of religious organizations questionable
   * Student Affairs gives Senate a Fish Fry
   * "Fireball" Concert


President: Kelly Erstine

Most Memorable Events:

   * Most Memorable Events:
   * Executive meets with President 7:00 A.M. weekly
   * Left turn signal at Donaghey and Bruce
   * Hire additional workers in residence halls
   * Proposal -- not have nine weeks grades sent home
   * Bear Football Appreciation Day
   * Senate meet in lobby of State Hall
   * Questionnaire on residence hall visitation


President: George Platt

Most Memorable Events:

   * Proposal for separate entertainment board
   * Assisted with SOS program (served as staff)
   * Free donuts/coffee during registration
   * Purchase a portable stage
   * Want to delete organization funding
   * Want to print a directory
   * Student survey
   * Book exchange
   * Graduation policy (don't have to attend)
   * Human Rights Committee Resolution


President: David Moody

Most Memorable Events:

   * Most Memorable Events:
   * Basketball goals in parking lots
   * Ohio Players Concert
   * Dances
   * Registration on campus for voters
   * Clock for Student Center
   * Purchase typewriters
   * Button machine
   * Daycare Center proposal for students
   * Fund Pep Band
   * Demerit System
   * Organization funding


President: Mike Erwin

Most Memorable Events:

   * Blood Drive
   * Concert "Air Supply"
   * Sponsor ROTC Race
   * Miss UCA Pageant
   * Hall & Oates
   * $2000.00 construction Fitness Trail
   * Senator-At-Large a big issue
   * Voted one of three advisors-Finance Advisor
   * Senate Lounge


President: Tab Townsell

Most Memorable Events:

   * Resolution football team move to East side
   * Ice machine survey
   * Extend Student Center hours
   * Allocated money for safe
   * Miss UCA Pageant
   * Organization funding
   * Sponsored forum on tuition, room & board


President: Curtis Barnett

Most Memorable Events:

   * $5000.00 to beautify Irby Lawn, passed
   * UCA Birthday Party
   * University Sing
   * Parking Issue
   * Commodores Concert
   * Fund intramurals -- $1.00 of activity fee (motion failed)
   * Lower Summer Senate activity fee from $7.50 to $5.00
   * Gerald Ford — Speaker on campus
   * Fee distribution an issue


President: Doug Stanley

Most Memorable Events:

   * Cancer Society Project
   * Review issues of MTV
   * President Farris host dinner for senators
   * Jeffrey Osborne Concert
   * Vortex funding
   * University Sing, Air Band
   * Change machine
   * Allocate $6200.00 intramurals
   * Lee Greenwood Concert
   * Runway lights purchased


President: Ginny Lyke

Most Memorable Events:

   * Organization funding an issue
   * Senators Day
   * Hours extended in Farris Center
   * Senate Column in Echo weekly
   * Extend Library hours
   * Stamp machine in Student Center
   * Day at the Races
   * Printer for Library
   * Proposed to redistribute activity fee


President: Carl Young

Most Memorable Events:

   * Move Senate offices
   * Senate brochure
   * Senate questionnaire during registration
   * Better lighting proposed
   * Ice machines
   * Food drive for needy
   * Vice President for Administration (McCormack) guest speaker
   * Access to Westgate
   * Name the streets

1988-1995 History Missing

1996-1997 President: Matt Jordan

Vice President: Ben Claybaker

Treasurer: Erin Burns

Secretary: Carrie Johnson

Most Memorable Events:

   * Reduced the number of visitor parking spaces
   * Decreased number of parking meter spaces by Christian Cafeteria
   * Student Activity Fee — SGA General Funding changed from 85% to 75%
   * SGA Operating Budget changed from 10% to 20%
   * Purchased computers for Student Activity Center
   * Constitution revised and amended by Student Government and the student body
   * "State of the University Address" by President Thompson once a semester
   * Bus to ASU (carried students to ASU vs UCA game in Jonesboro, AR)
   * "Spirit Night"(gave $500 to the most spirited Greek/Non-Greek Group)
   * Consideration of hiring 2 Media Relations people to work for SGA
   * Letting them write articles for the Echo, etc. Maybe paying them by giving them a book scholarship
   * Vie Snyder Forum-discussion about Clinton's financial aid advisor
   * Senator of the Week (wrote an article in the Echo about SGA)


President: Ben Claybaker

Vice President: Valerie Beavers

Treasurer: Jonathan Ross

Secretary: Sonya Bell

Most Memorable Events:

   * Newsletter released 2 times per semester—SGA Insider
   * Publication Fee $5.00 per semester implemented
   * Director. of University Promotions created
   * "SGA TV Program" on Channel 6
   * (First) "Students First Day"
   * There was a cookout on Student Center Square hosted by the Christian Cafeteria
   * (ARAMARK). Those students living on campus used their meal plans to eat, and
   * SGA covered the costs for all other students, faculty, and staff to eat. Students
   * running for a candidacy in the SGA elections had a forum/discussion that day.
   * Ida Waldron Sound System
   * SGA funded the sound system for Ida Waldron Auditorium in the amount of $10,974.57
   * Cafeteria Hours extended Monday through Thursday until 9:00 P.M.
   * Library Hours on Sunday opened earlier starting at 1:00 P.M. instead of 2:00 P.M.
   * WF/WP Policy (wanted to discard WFIWP and have only W "withdrawn ")
   * Installed crosswalk on Farris Street
   * Two Buses (carried students to ASU vs. UCA game in Jonesboro, AR)
   * Bought 94 tickets for the ASU game
   * "Welcome Week"
   * Brought in DJ $1500.00 and a "Fitness Fair" $2595.00


President: Doris Clark

Vice President: Jonathan Ross

Vice President of Finance: Ben Claybaker

Vice President of Operations: Desiree Mauppins

Most Memorable Events:

   * Stipend of $100.00 given to each senator from SGA General Operating Budget
   * "Welcome Week"
   * Afrodesia (band) $1800.00
   * "SGA Fun Fest" $2600.00
   * Put a ban on all Credit Card Distributions from the Student Center
   * Goo-Goo Doll Concert (your student activity fee paid for this concert. SGA allocates almost half of its Student Activity Fee Funds to Student Activities Board, which was once the Vice President of Entertainment on SGA. SGA decided to branch off the Vice President of Entertainment to form another group to focus on entertainment.(Students help to choose what concert to bring to UCA each year.)
   * Martin Luther King/Labor Day Observance Days
   * SGA wrote a letter to administration and all RSOs requesting their support for these days off from school. No decision was made over this school term.
   * Created (Temporary) Transit System at UCA (two drop off points at Main and Mashburn running from 7:50 A.M. to 1:50 P.M.)
   * Renovation of the flower beds by Ferguson Chapel by SGA
   * Sponsored Blood Drive
   * Bear Statue $3000.00
   * SGA sponsored Tailgate Party for last home football game
   * Withdrawal Policy work continues--See 1997-1998
   * Sympathy Letter to be written by the Vice President of SGA to the family of any deceased student, staff, or faculty member of the UCA community
   * (Second) "Students First Day"
   * There was a cookout on Student Center Square hosted by the Christian Cafeteria (ARAMARK). Those students living on campus used their meal plans to eat, and SGA covered the costs for all other students, faculty, and staff to eat. Students running for a candidacy in the SGA Elections had a forum/discussion that day. Local band provided entertainment.
   * SGA was granted licensure for KCON 1230
   * SGA purchased buttons for KCON 1230 AM to be distributed to UCA Community
   * Discussion of a $4.00 radio fee in addition to SAFA funding to help support KCON 1230 A.M. Survey sent out to students about a $3, $4, or $5 fee for the radio.


President: Heather Harmon

Vice President: Desiree Mauppins

Vice President of Finance: Courtney Sarratt

Vice President of Operations: Taryn Chambers

Most Memorable Events:

   * (Temporary) Transit System stopped at UCA. City of Conway doing research on City Transit
   * Constitution revised and amended by Student Government and the student body
   * Committees were outlined, described, and provided with essential information pertaining to their function
   * Set aside $10,000.00 to put a television monitor in 5 buildings (Macastlain, Lewis
   * Science Center, Business Burdick Administration, Cafeteria, and Herrin Hall). This money included one monitor, the stand, and wiring to the entire building.
   * "End of the Year Report" established and implemented for all classes, committees, and Executive board
   * SGA composite picture taken and framed
   * Guidelines for Emergency Funding and SAFA were established and implemented.
   * Discussion ofmoving the SGA desk area
   * Gave away $50.00 gift certificate to an individual who attended 5 soccer and volleyball games
   * Discussion of purchasing and hanging banners for the organizations in the Student Center
   * Discussion of distribution list to all students from SGA
   * Martin Luther King and Labor Day holidays were granted to students with the obligation of making up these two days sometime within the year
   * SGA sponsored free pizza for the winner of the downtown pep rally during homecoming week. Purchased tumblers and key chains for homecoming
   * SGA won 1999 Homecoming Banner Competition
   * Computers were purchased for the SGA offices
   * SGA gave 4 computers (after having them repaired) to the Learning Resource Center.
   * Painted Election boxes
   * Discussion about putting maps around campus
   * Discussion about putting phones around campus to call on campus and into residence halls
   * Health Service Fee $5.00 per semester passed
   * KCON Fee $4.00 per semester passed
   * SGA co-sponsored "Super Bowl" party with ARAMARK.
   * "Welcome Week" - allocated $3250.00 to fund a presentation by David Coleman
   * "Bear Backer Discount Book" began, but not completed
   * Destiny's Child (your student activity fee paid for this concert. SGA allocates almost half of its Student Activity Fee Funds to Student Activities Board, which was once the Vice President of Entertainment on SGA ~ SGA decided to branch off the Vice President of Entertainment to form another group to focus on entertainment. Students help to choose what concert to bring to UCA each year.)
   * "SGA Fun Day" in conjunction with (Third) "Students First Day"
   * 4 inflatable, snow cone booth, and DJ were present for entertainment
   * Creation of Victor E. Bear in conjunction with Beth Branscum and her committee


President: Desiree Mauppins

Vice President: Anthony Turner

Vice President of Finance: Eric Thompson

Vice President of Operations: Brandon Hill

Most Memorable Events:

   * "Faculty Appreciation Day": $5.00 voucher to eat in Student Center Food Court
   * Letters were written and distributed to Administration, Faculty, and Staff welcoming them back to UCA and informing them of the 2000-2001 SGA
   * First day back to school in the fall, SGA sponsored a snow cone/karaoke day on Student Center Square.
   * Helped with "Purple Power Week" September 4-9, 2000. SGA gave away shirts, cups, etc.
   * Purchased purple and white shirts to distribute to freshman during "Welcome Week" and to the UCA Community throughout the school year. It also served as a visibility tool for SGA.
   * Name badges purchased for all senators to help the student body identify their class representatives
   * Promoted SGA and Elections: stuffed on campus mail boxes, hung fliers in all buildings and residence halls, used table tents in Cafeteria and Student Center Food Court, publicized on KCON 1230 AM, advertised in Echo, Channel 6, SCTV, promoted it during Welcome Week to all freshman, stuffed all handbooks, had signs visible during fee payment week, and had Victor E. Bear driving around campus on his purple putter holding signs about the elections.
   * Advertised BearMail
   * SGA encouraged all professors, departments, organizations, and residence halls to use BearMail as a communication tool
   * SGA has a BearMail account set up for the purpose of communicating with organizations, administrators, faculty, staff, and students who care to know what is being discussed
   * Removed Purple Bear and its white block from Estes Stadium
   * Rearranged SGA desk area
   * Offices were repainted
   * Discussion on changing Registration process
   * Discussion on implementing an academic dead day or days
   * Discussion on changing the current email with our social security numbers to a friendly name based system
   * Discussion on improving recycling program here on UCA campus
   * Discussion on restarting a SGA publication to help inform students about what is going on administratively that effects them and knowing that SGA represents their voice and opinions
   * Discussion on starting a TV/KCON program by SGA to help inform students


President: Courtney Shearer

Vice-President: Ortavius Wright

VP of Operations: Mandy Maples

VP of Finance: Lindsey Wygal


President: Ortavius Wright

Vice-President: Justin Partee

VP of Operations: Lindsey Eaves

VP of Finance: Chris Walter


President: Chris Walter

Vice-President: Michelle Bridges

VP of Operations: Rudy Ledbetter

VP of Finance: Adam Rose


President: Maximiliano Carranza

Vice-President: Phillip Worley

VP of Operations: Elizabeth Kimble

VP of Finance: Jarred Lee

Most Memorable Events:

   * 24 hour study room: SGA worked on establishing a 24 hour study room on campus. After much discussion a place was selected in the Library and both SGA and the President's Office contributed funds to the project. The Lab was schedule to open on Fall 2006.
   * Advised the administration to move the track from next to the HPER to the soccer complex to create more parking on campus.
   * Expanded the hours of the Food Court and the meal equivalencies that could be used.
   * Greek Row
   * MPC and SC Expansion
   * Financial System – Moved all emergency fund allocations out of full senate and into the finance committee. This freed up much needed space in Senate meeting to talk about student issues.
   * Implemented an open forum in each full senate meeting that allows students to come to SGA meeting and voice their concerns.
   * Passed a resolution to hire student workers to work in the SGA office and the RSO center.
   * Crosswalks
   * Worked with the Physical plant to have more Handicap Signs to be placed all over campus.
   * AAC
   * Reflective Parking Lines
   * Purchased a bulletin board to be placed in front of the cafeteria.
   * Umbrella Bags – We bought umbrella bags and stands to be placed in high traffic areas to keep the campus clean.
   * Clock
   * Student Savings Club.
   * Survey students on food services on campus.
   * Bussed people from Conway to LR for the War Memorial Game.
   * HYPE Night
   * Bowling Night
   * Homecoming Cookout
   * Gave out 3,800 shirts
   * Lighting Tours
   * Bought 1000 tickets for students for D-II playoffs.
   * Students First Day.


President: Maximiliano Carranza

Vice-President: Haley Heath

VP of Operations: Lisa Porterfield

VP of Finance: Matt Henry


President: Haley Heath

Vice-President: Nathan "Drew" Aylesworth

VP of Operations: Lisa Porterfield; Drew Williams

VP of Finance: Roby Butler


President: Nathan "Drew" Aylesworth

Vice-President: C. Rutledge Wilson

VP of Operations: Kellie Cortiana

VP of Finance: Caitlin Porter

Dorothy Long — served 16 years as Senate Advisor

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