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====[[UCA Honors College Academic Calendar|Honors Academic Calendar]]====
====[[UCA Honors College Academic Calendar|Honors Academic Calendar]]====
====[[UCA Honors Student Timeline|Student Timeline]]====
====[[UCA Honors Student Four Year Checklist|Four Year Checklist]]====
====Criteria for Continuation in the Program ("Good Standing")====
====Criteria for Continuation in the Program ("Good Standing")====

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McAlister Hall, home of the Honors College. Photo by Phil Frana.
Farris Honors Residence Hall. Photo by Phil Frana.

The UCA Honors Student Handbook is designed to provide you with important information regarding Honors College policies and procedures, your responsibilities as an Honors scholar-citizen, and UCA services and facilities available to you.

Please read the contents of this handbook carefully. This is one of the many channels of communication we maintain to create an enjoyable and productive living and learning community. Should you need further explanation of the items covered, contact us in the Honors College Main Office (McAlister Hall 306).

The contents of this handbook are presented for information purposes only. The Honors College reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel the policies, procedures, and benefits discussed in this handbook. Additionally, particular situations may be governed by specific provisions of a policy or procedure established by the university.

Honors Faculty and Staff

Honors Academic Calendar

Four Year Checklist

Criteria for Continuation in the Program ("Good Standing")

  • Semester Audits ("Grade Review")
  • Scholarships [note: nothing on page linked]
  • Scholarships FAQ
  • Withdrawal from the Program
  • Dismissal
  • Exit Interviews

Expectations of All Honors Students

  • Academic Eligibility
  • Course and Credit Requirements
  • Academic Integrity & Misconduct
  • Retaking Honors Classes
  • Student Contact Information & Policies

UCA Honors Philosophy

Honors College Curriculum

Honors Student Resources

Campus Resources

Living & Learning Facilities

Honors Social Media

Admission to the Honors College


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