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Torreyson Library is located on the campus of the University of Central Arkansas in Conway. The library is named for the university's second president Burr Walter Torreyson. The current library director is Art Lichtenstein.

The library offers a variety of services housed in a number of divisions. The core of the collections is composed of book and journal stacks, reference materials, and electronic journal database collections. The library offers access to other public library services in the state through the ARKLink consortium. The UCA Archives acquires historical documents related to the history of the state, the local community, and the university. The library is also a designated federal and Arkansas document depository. The current archivist is Jimmy Bryant. Torreyson also contains a Music Resource Room and Night Owl Study Room (open from midnight to 7 AM). The library has almost one hundred computer workstations and a Starbucks coffee shop.

Torreyson Library was originally housed in the building today named Harrin Hall. The cornerstone for this library was laid in September 1929. The building was constructed by J. J. Hiegel of Hiegel Construction Company.


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