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  • make Schwan's order
  • advising tab
  • tweet something
  • Celebration thread
  • B's snack/water for school
  • B's spelling words
  • moderate mentors for contracts
  • work on Norb's wiki bio
  • do a load of laundry
  • work on Kaia's book
  • work on Brenna's book
  • scan Brenna's artwork
  • trim grass
  • scan all documents in my file cabinet

One-Time Events

  • add section on privacy to book
  • print out my book; add marginal notes to notes
  • pick up suits at dry cleaners
  • send Rick the spreadsheet of course enrollments
  • bring scanner home
  • read Kaia's booklet on Sims3
  • get Sudafed
  • send Donna a description of her lecture in Senior Sem
  • write lecture on Jaquard loom for Donna's class
  • clean up Matt's Science in Public Interest syllabus
  • Garrett's OHs
  • transcribe Joblin OH
  • lawn edging
  • questions on Core I readings
  • prompt for bestiary reading
  • hang pictures
  • transcribe Acxiom oral histories
  • Marche oral history project - contact Joe
  • set up readings for Core I small group journals
  • send syllabus to Clayton
  • get digital projector to Charles White
  • notes on Body Electric
  • notes on Oryx and Crake
  • notes on Redesigning Humans
  • notes on Devices of the Soul
  • notes on Developing & Sustaining Research Supported Curriculum
  • IDC blogpost
  • community-based research plea
  • Maria's DS charger
  • work on handbook entries