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  • [[Little Rock Tornado - October 2, 1894|tornado]] demolished government buildings and most of downtown. And then in 1927 a [[Great Flood of 1927|Great Flood] ...lities, and eco-sustainability. The discordant voices of business leaders, government officials, and residents on these problems are heard here - as they are eve
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  • ...e [[Heritage Center East and West]]. Their plan involved renovation of two buildings and demolition of a building in between to create adjacent parking. The [[D ...lved into the nonprofit [[Little Rock Downtown Partnership]]. Business and government leaders representing the new coalition began looking for development projec
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  • ...s courts, and swimming pools." The city had successfully knocked down many buildings, but had been much less effective at filling up the now vacant lots. ...hington, and of a local grassroots coalition of citizens, business owners, government officials, and bankers organized into the public-private [[Downtown Little
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  • City government is divided into a number of city departments, citizen services offices, com ==City government==
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  • ...[Richard Olcott]]. The total floorspace in all Clinton Presidential Center buildings is 152,000 square feet, or about 3.5 acres. of the program are modeled after Boston's John F. Kennedy School of Government.
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  • ...Tower Building in 1934. Photo by Prather Reynolds of the Historic American Buildings Survey.]] ...g stood over a munitions storage depot that included at least thirty other buildings. The Tower Building has walls over three feet thick, protection for the exp
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  • director [[Jimmy Moses]] worked tirelessly with representatives of city government, the [[Arkansas Highway Department]], the [[U.S. Army Corps of Engineers]], ...plan was also inspired by an April 1972 visit of seventeen local business, government, and civic leaders to Minneapolis' successful downtown Nicollet Mall. Nicol
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  • State Capitol''' is a Neoclassical, limestone executive and legislative government building situated at the corner of Woodlane & Capitol streets on the wester *"Bigger Taller, Costlier: Landmark Buildings Outdo Each Other," ''Arkansas Business,'' December 27, 1999.
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  • [[Category:Government buildings]]
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  • ...souri. Arkansas Post was originally established as the seat of territorial government, but in 1820 the capitol was moved west to [[Little Rock]]. ...reserving ten sections of land in the territory for the erection of public buildings. On June 15, 1832, Jackson acted again to provide 1,000 acres of land in su
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  • ...servation and protection of historic sites and architecturally significant buildings and neighborhoods in Little Rock. The commission operates under the purview [[Category:City government]]
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  • Today the base holds fifteen large ward buildings and seventy-six other buildings in the Romanesque Revival and Greek Revival styles. The military complex is ...s instrumental in bringing the fort to the city and in getting the federal government to return the old [[Little Rock Arsenal]] to the city as a park.
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  • ...nd was created by renovating and connecting the upper levels of a block of buildings for $12 million. The Main Street Mall was designed by [[Witsell Evans Rasco ...nly Main Street reopened to traffic. The old mall is now occupied by state government agencies.
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  • ...for the [[Little Rock Airport]], [[Christ Episcopal Church]], and several buildings on the campus of [[Little Rock University]].]] in the early 1980s and obtained a $10 million grant from the federal government for its restoration. The Capital Hotel, reopened in 1983, soon became the c
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  • ...ificates''' providing public lands to settlers were granted by the federal government following the devastating New Madrid earthquakes of 1811-1812. Certificate ...821 in the Superior Court of the Territory of Missouri. Many of the town's buildings created by the New Madrid certificate holders were pulled several blocks to
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  • ...y. Five hundred and eight acres of downtown were demolished, including 471 buildings, which displaced 296 businesses of varying size. The population density dro ...wn wagons carried our local wares, when factories huddled together in high buildings and a man lived within walking distance of his job or took a streetcar to w
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  • The '''Student Government Association''' of the [[University of Central Arkansas]], SGA, represents t * Constitution revised and amended by Student Government and the student body
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  • ''[[UCA Student Government Association|Student Government Association (SGA)]]'' The Student Government Association ([[SGA]]) represents the student body in allocating and adminis
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  • ...sold in 1959 to [[Perry Equipment Company]]. In December 1961 the land and buildings were acquired by the [[City of North Little Rock]] which hoped to erect an ====Government====
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  • ...sold in 1959 to [[Perry Equipment Company]]. In December 1961 the land and buildings were acquired by the [[City of North Little Rock]] which hoped to erect an
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