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Rockwater Village is a fifty-five acre new urbanist neighborhood under development along the Arkansas River just west of Dickey-Stephens Park. Rockwater Village is now selling urban in-fill lots in the Lower Baring Cross district of North Little Rock for 175 individual homes, and will also build 150-250 apartment or condominium units. The co-developers of the neighborhood are Lisa Ferrell and Jim Jackson. "I grew up in North Little Rock and my husband grew up in a historic setting," said Ferrell in November 2007, "so the opportunity to do two things make a contribution to the city of North Little Rock and to help revitalize a wonderful historic neighborhood, those are very exciting things for us." Ferrell hopes the neighborhood will qualify for LEED Silver certification.

The developers are committed to building a community center, and expect to attract a local café and grocery store. The centerpiece of the development will be the old Vestal chimney surrounded by a town square and traffic circle. The entire development is expected to cost $115 million and is being financed in part by tax increment financing.


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