Riverfest Amphitheater

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Riverfest Amphitheater. Photo by Phil Frana.
Amphitheater viewed from Junction Bridge. Photo by Sean Oakley.

The Riverfest Amphitheater (often called by its earlier name, the Riverfront Amphitheater) is an outdoor amphitheater in the historic Little Rock River Market District. The amphitheater, built in 1987, sits on seven and a half acres in Julius Breckling Riverfront Park adjacent to the Arkansas River. The amphitheater is the focus of the local Mardi Gras parade on Fat Tuesday, the Cinco de Mayo celebration, Movies in the Park, and Riverfest.

The amphitheater was modified in 1994 to allow for 1,375 reserve seats and 9,125 lawn chairs. The facility also has fixed restrooms and dressing rooms. The amphitheater is available for rent.

Riverfest Amphitheater was at the center of the local punk rock/indie rock scene in the early 1990s.


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