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Ralph Appelbaum is the designer of the Clinton Library museum exhibits. He hoped that his contribution to the Library would "sweep people up in the daily challenges of the nation's business."

Appelbaum founded Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA) in 1978, and it has since become the largest exhibit planning firms in the world. Appelbaum has won numerous awards for his work on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the American Museum of Natural History. Clinton had long admired Appelbaum's work. In 1993 Appelbaum received the Presidential Award for Design Excellence from Clinton for his contributions to the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

Appelbaum received a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree from the Pratt Institute. He is a veteran of the Peace Corps and U.S. AID. He is past vice president of exhibitions at Robert P. Gersin Associates and Raymond Loewy International. He has been an adjunct associate professor of Museum Studies at New York University since 1985.


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