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Philip L. Frana is associate professor and director of undergraduate research in the Honors College at the University of Central Arkansas. Frana graduated with his bachelor's degrees in History and Economics from Wartburg College in 1991. He completed his master's and doctoral degrees in the History of Technology and Science at Iowa State University in 1999. He served as a National Science project director at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities from 2000-2004.

Philip Frana joined the faculty of the Honors College in the fall of 2004. His primary domains for teaching and research are science and technology studies and oral history. He strives to preserve a student-centered pedagogy that emphasizes oral and written communication, high standards of professional competency, and literacy. Philip Frana has research, administrative, and grant writing credentials in the social, ethical, and ideological implications of computing, networks, and information science. Phil has published scholarship on the origins of the Internet, computer software as science and business, medical informatics, e-scholarship, and risk assessment in biomedical research. He devotes his energies to several organizations, including the Society for the History of Technology, Association for Computing Machinery, the Software History Center, and the Charles Babbage Foundation. He is also co-founder of Iterations: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Software History (ISSN 1541-843X).


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