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Kramer Elementary School at 715 Sherman Street in the MacArthur Park Historic District in Little Rock is a 55,000 square foot former elementary school that has been turned into artist lofts and exhibit areas.

The school, named after the district's first school board director Frederick W. Kramer, was constructed in the Romanesque Revival style in 1895. The school is located on the site of the prior Sherman School. Kramer Elementary housed the nationally-recognized Center for Early Development and Education created by Professor Bettye Caldwell of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 1969. The elementary shut its doors in 1978, but remains the oldest school building still standing in the city. The school is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Kramer School Artist's Cooperative

In the mid-1990s the former school underwent a $3.5 million historic preservation/renovation effort, turning the structure into a 38,000 square foot residential complex with twenty-two individual units and a 3,000 square foot auditorium. The Kramer School is targeted at low income individuals working in the artist's community near the Arkansas Arts Center. The building was renovated by Todd Rice and Paul Esterer with the help of $2 million in public money, and rededicated in November 1997. The current owner of the building is the Kramer School Artloft Limited Partnership. The developer is the Vanadix Investment Group. The building is managed by First Capital Residential LLC. The design firm on the restoration effort was Fennell Purifoy Hammock Architects.


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