Jewel Moore Nature Reserve

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The Jewel Moore Nature Reserve is a twenty-acre reserve on the western edge of the UCA campus named for biologist and botanist Jewel E. Moore. Moore joined the faculty of Conway's Arkansas State Teachers College in 1947, and began using the area as an outdoor classroom in 1977. The reserve was named in her honor in 1980.

The reserve was once part of the fifty acre Normal Farm, which produced seven hundred gallons of milk and 100-150 dozen eggs each month for the school. There were also pig pens and orchards of peaches, apples, and pears planted here. The farm was closed down in the 1940s.

Moore was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, around 1918 and graduated from Hot Springs High School in 1936. She attended Henderson State Teachers College and the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, eventually receiving her doctorate from the University of Tennessee. She taught at Mountain Pine and Beebe Junior College before joining the biology faculty of Arkansas State Teachers College.


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