Inter-City Transit

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Inter-City Transit was founded in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1945 to transport passengers to military bases in Jacksonville and Fort Smith, Arkansas. The bus company coordinated transportation with national bus lines like Greyhound and Trailways.

Local banker Andy Burbridge purchased a controlling staking in the company immediately after World War II and secured mail transportation contracts with the U.S. Post Office. As the nation's highways expanded, Burbridge began purchasing tractor-trailer rigs to transport the mail. The company became Mail Contractors of Arkansas (MCA) two years after Burbridge's death in 1985. The company at that time had more than twenty contracts to deliver federal mail. In the early twenty-first century the company expanded to secure 137 Post Office contracts, serving almost a dozen cities across the country. The company currently operates 900 tractors, which travel approximately 104,000,000 miles each year.


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