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Greenbrier is an incorporated city in north-central Faulkner County, Arkansas. The city is located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 65, Arkansas Highway 225, and Arkansas Highway 25. The population of Greenbrier is 3,042.


A U.S. Post Office was established in Greenbrier on September 18, 1857.

Commerce and Industry


The public school system is represented by Greenbrier Eastside Elementary School, Greenbrier Westside Elementary School, Greenbrier Middle School, and Greenbrier Junior High School.




The city was originally a stagecoach stop on the Butterfield Stage Route through Faulkner County. The place name "Greenbrier" recognizes the difficulty early settlers had in clearing prickly saw brier plants from the area.

The earliest white residents many have been the Wiley brothers who settled along the East Fork Cadron Creek about eight miles east of the city in 1818. Jonathan Hardin settled nearby in 1837.


The city is almost 97% white, 1.3% Native American Indian, 1% Hispanic, and 0.6% African American.


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