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Gloria Wilson (d. June 11, 2006) was a founding member of the citizen's action group Arkansas Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). She also served in the national office of ACORN and hosted a radio show on KABF. She was a critic of insurance redlining, budget cuts for public buses, and real estate developer power.

Wilson won election to the Little Rock Board of Directors by ten votes in 1994. She is remembered as a forceful advocate of the poor. ACORN chief organizer Wade Rathke blogged: "In a dramatic moment in the negotiations with Governor Winthrop Rockefeller when we were trying to win furniture allowances for low income families in the first crucial make or break campaign, she had sat somewhat quietly through the early discussion with the Governor until her turn when she started talking about why something had to be done and suddenly pulled off her wig to make the point that she was losing her hair because of the stress of welfare and something had to be done. An organizer can't ask someone to do that, nor would it ever occur to an organizer to think of such a move. That was all Gloria all the way and it worked along with a lot else and we won."

Wilson was married to Perry Wilson, a phone company lineman.


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