Frederick Kramer

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Fredrick Kramer was a Reconstruction-era mayor of the City of Little Rock from 1873-1875 and from 1881-1887.

Kramer was a Jewish Prussian immigrant to Arkansas, arriving in Little Rock in the 1850s. In 1875 he opened a mercantile establishment with partner F.A. Sarasin. Kramer was the first president of the Little Rock School District Board of Directors, elected to the board on February 16, 1869, and serving until 1894. The former Kramer Elementary School at 715 Sherman Street is named after Fredrick Kramer. The school was dedicated in 1895. Kramer was also president of the Masonic Mutual Relief Association, and founding member of The Temple B'nai Israel.

He had a son named Frederick Kramer Jr. His residence in the late nineteenth century stood at 121 Rector Avenue.


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