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Oral History and Community Memory: Class Discussion Topics

  • What is Oral History and Who Does It?

Oral history is a very interdisciplinary craft. It is employed by historians, archivists, librarians, folklorists, anthopologists, educators, journalists, linguists, and genealogists.

  • The History of Oral History

Earliest transcript in archives of the Columbia Oral History Research Office contains a first-hand account of the 1863 draft riots in New York City.

  • Oral History Projects and Collections
  • What is Ethnography?
  • Ethnography Projects and Collections
  • Arkansas Traveler’s Project (contact: Alli Hogue)
  • Ethics & Sponsored Projects Office
  • Release Forms/Ownership
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Video Editing Software
  • Care of Ethnography Lab & Equipment
  • Paying for OH: Grants and Proposals for Clinton project/Arkansas Heritage Council/SURF
  • Knowledge Database: FranaWiki
  • Creating/Editing Wikis/Standards that Apply
  • Transcription/Processing Transcripts/Footnoting
  • Archiving & Accessibility

The Internet has thrown open to millions the door to interview transcripts and audio archives.

  • Sources/Background Research
  • Interviewer’s Field Notes
  • Life History Forms
  • Professionalism/Public Relations/Correspondence

Oral history is a natural habitation for extroverts and conversationalists.

  • Compiling Interview Topics & Questions
  • Practice Interviewing on Each Other
  • Personal Project
  • Clinton Library & Downtown Little Rock Project
  • Practice Interviewing on Doctor/Final Exam
  • Oral History Documentaries/Musicals/Websites/Radio/Interpretive Skits
  • UCA Folklore Collection (contact: Jimmy Bryant)
  • Oral History in Scholarly Work
  • Visiting the Library & Heifer HQ/Doe’s Eat Place
  • Interviewing Style/Silence/Location/Active Listening

The best advice I can share is that oral history involves experiential learning, that is, learning by doing.

  • Gathering Artifacts/Manuscript Material from Interviewee
  • Criticisms of Oral History
    • Memory
    • Intersubjectivity
    • Presentism/Creating Usable Pasts
    • Mythmaking
  • Interviewing Elites/Ordinary People
  • Improving your methods/Reflecting on Interviews Conducted/Retrospective essay
  • Types of Interviewing Products: Transcripts, Audio, Video
  • Impact of Oral History on the Community
  • Curriculum Development
  • Assignment Read and Critique a Past Oral History: Clinton Project, Rick Scott, Women’s Abuse, HCOL history
  • Clinton Library Visit by Skip Rutherford or Jose Guzzardi or Amanda Harris?
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • New Urbanism, Gentrification (contact: Patrick Taylor)