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Oral History and Community Memory: Class Discussion Topics/Reading Schedule

Guest Speakers

  • Arkansas Traveler’s Project (contact: Alli Hogue)
  • New Urbanism, Gentrification (contact: Patrick Taylor)
  • Clinton Library inner workings (contact: Skip Rutherford, Jose Guzzardi, Amanda Harris)
  • Clinton Library, Heifer International, Doe's Eat Place visit (contact: David Williams)
  • UCA Folklore Collection (contact: Jimmy Bryant)
  • Deborah Tannen and linguistic analysis (contact: Amanda Allen)
  • Grant Writing (contact: Amanda Allen)
  • watch segments of Vaginia Monologues, Working


  • videotape an interview with the sound turned down; look at non-verbal cues
  • Give an Overview of an Oral History Project or Collection
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Write FranaWiki entries
  • Develop your questions
  • Develop a common thematic set of questions for project interviews
  • Read and Critique an existing Honors College Oral History transcript: Clinton Project, Rick Scott, Women’s Abuse, HCOL history
  • In class critiques of oral history interviews
  • Improving your methods/Reflecting on Interviews Conducted/Retrospective essay evaluating your performance in the project
  • Practice Interviewing on Each Other
  • Personal Project
  • Linda Shopes, "Making Sense of Oral History"
  • Clinton Library & Downtown Little Rock Project
  • Practice Interviewing on Doctor/Final Exam