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On November 18th, 2004, the Clinton Presidential Center opened to one of the most incredible parties Arkansas has ever seen. There were 40,000 invited guests, a performance by Bono, and the state’s largest fireworks show ever. Celebrities and dignitaries came for the Library opening, and all living United States presidents, but one, were in attendance.

How exactly did this library come to Little Rock? Who contributed to the effort, and what challenges did they face? How was the site selected? Who were the architects? What was the experience of the staff of the Clinton Foundation? What difference has the Library made for musicians and artists? How has it transformed Downtown Little Rock and the economy of Central Arkansas generally? In 2006, students in the Honors College at the University of Central Arkansas began the Clinton Presidential Center Oral History Project to find out. This wiki documents the people who made it happen, as well as important places and events along the way.