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The Arkansas Forestry Commission (AFC) is an agency of the State of Arkansas. The ACF provides forest management and protection, rural fire protection support services, offers a seedlings sales program, and conducts community forest education programs. The AFC is also the publisher of the 1988 book Trees of Arkansas by Dwight Munson Moore.

The Champion Tree program of the Arkansas Forestry Commission was created to identify the largest trees of each species in the state. The trees are compared using the "Bigness Index" of the nonprofit organization American Forest.

The state forester is John T. Shannon. The deputy state forester is Larry Nance. The assistant state forester for protection is Don McBride. The assistant state forester for management is Doug Akin. The commission's conservation educator is Christina Fowler. Commissioners of the AFC in 2009 are Allen Bedell (chairman), Robert Parkes (vice-chairman), Aubra Anthony, James Carr, Tom Curtner, Jerry T. Davis, Gary Easterling, Mary Elizabeth Eldridge, and Don Nelms.

The Arkansas Forestry Commission is located at 3821 West Roosevelt Road in Little Rock.


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