Dallas T. Herndon

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Dallas T. Herndon.

Dallas T. Herndon (1878-1953) was the first director of the Arkansas History Commission & State Archives. He authored a number of books, including the three volume Centennial History of Arkansas (1922), The Highlights Of Arkansas History (1922), Why Little Rock was Born (1933), Arkansas Handbook (1939), and the four volume Annals of Arkansas (1947).


  • Dallas T. Herndon, Annals of Arkansas, 4 vols. (Hopkinsville, KY: Historical Record Association, 1947).
  • Dallas T. Herndon, Arkansas Handbook (Little Rock: Arkansas History Commission, 1939).
  • Dallas T. Herndon, Centennial History of Arkansas, 3 vols. (Chicago, IL: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1922).
  • Dallas T. Herndon, The Highlights Of Arkansas History (Little Rock: Arkansas History Commission, 1922).
  • Dallas T. Herndon, Why Little Rock was Born (Little Rock, AR: Central Printing Company, 1933).

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