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Cromwell Architects Engineers is a design and engineering firm located in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The company originated in the practice of Benjamin J. Bartlett, who moved to the city and began work on the new Arkansas School for the Blind in the spring of 1885. The next year he was joined by draftsman Charles L. Thompson. In 1888 the two became partners in Bartlett & Thompson with offices at the corner of Markham and Spring streets. Two years later Bartlett left to complete the county courthouse in Rosedale, Mississippi.

Thompson formed a new partnership with engineer Fred J. H. Rickon in 1891. The two worked together in the Allis Building just south of the Old State House. Rickon left in 1897.

Between 1897 and 1916 Thompson worked alone. In 1916 architect Tom Harding joined the firm, and the two formed Thompson & Harding. In 1926 Thompson merged his company with Sanders & Ginocchio to form Thompson, Sanders & Ginocchio. When Thompson retired in 1938 the company became known simply as Sanders & Ginocchio. In 1941 Sanders retired and his place was taken by Ed Cromwell. For six years the two principals worked as Ginocchio & Cromwell, and for three more as Ginocchio, Cromwell & Associates.

In 1954 the headquarters of the company moved to 416 Center Street. In 1961 the company expanded into Ginocchio, Cromwell, Carter, Dees & Neyland before the death of Ben Dees. For the next seven years the company is called Ginocchio, Cromwell, Cater & Neyland. When Frank J. Ginocchio Jr. and Charles Carter died in 1969 the company became Cromwell, Neyland, Truemper, Millett & Gatchell. After the death of Bob Millett in 1974 the company name became Cromwell, Neyland, Truemper, Levy & Gatchell. When Neyland retired and Gatchell died in 1980 the company name changed again to Cromwell, Truemper, Levy, Parker, Woodsmall. Ed Cromwell retired in 1984. In 1988 the company became Cromwell, Truemper, Levy, Thompson, Woodsmall, and in 2000 simply Cromwell Architects Engineers.


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