Cowie Wine Cellars

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Cowie Wine Cellars was founded by Robert G. Cowie, who began making wines in 1955 as a teenager. His interest stemmed from his fascication by the miracle of fermentation. Cowie Wine Cellars offers a wide range of wine making supplies for the amateur wine maker. The winery holds three major events each year. These events are;

1. Cowie International Amateur Wine Competition which is held on the last Saturday of April each year. This day features a display of the largest selection of home wine making supplies in Arkansas. Details of this event can be seen here

2. Arkansas Heritage Day is celebrated on the first Saturday of May each year. A special program is sponsored by the Arkansas Historic Wine Museum carrying out the designated theme of the year being celebrated across the state.

3. Annual Cowie Wine Fest and Arkansas Championship Grape Stomp is celebrated on a Saturday in mid-September after the grape harvest. This event provides a festive occasion at the winery for the whole family. At this special event, a live band provides the tempo for stomping the grapes.

During the spring and summer, meals are served in the grape arbor some weekend evenings where live music and wine accompany the meals.To learn the details about these events, please visit the Cowie Wine Cellars website or call 1800-419-2691-01.