City of Little Rock Board of Directors

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Seal of the City of Little Rock.

The Little Rock Board of Directors is a City of Little Rock committee that has as its charge the setting of policies making the city livable. There are seven ward and three at-large directors.

The current directors are Erma Hendrix (Ward 1), Ken Richardson (Ward 2), Stacy Hurst (Ward 3), Brad Cazort (Ward 4), Michael Keck (Ward 5), Doris Wright (Ward 6), B.J. (Brenda) Wyrick (Ward 7), Dean Kumpuris (Position 8), Gene Fortson (Position 9), and Joan Adcock (Position 10).

Organizing for the Clinton Presidential Center & Park

Bruce Moore recalls the events surrounding the selection of Little Rock as the site of the Clinton Presidential Center. Skip Rutherford placed the initial call to Mayor Jim Dailey to give him the good news on November 7, 1997. That night the Little Rock City Council held a special board meeting. They first drafted a resolution thanking President Clinton for siting the presidential center in the city. They also put a moratorium on building permits in the area. They also issued a proclamation announcing the renaming of Markham Avenue as President Clinton Avenue.

The city proposed a hamburger tax increase to pay for the Clinton Library, but the hotel and restaurant community came out firmly against it. The crisis was resolved by a park revenue bond issue. Every vote the city board took between November 7, 1997, and November 18, 2004, was unanimous. Despite this, lawsuits were filed regarding acquisition and financing of the building site.

The City of Little Rock Presidential Park Organization Chart had Mayor Dailey and the Little Rock Board of Directors at the top, with lead city board member being city director Dean Kumpuris. Below them was city manager Cy Carney and city attorney Tom Carpenter. Below Cy Carney was Bruce Moore, assistant manager and lead city staff member.

The City of Little Rock Presidential Park Organization Chart for Planning and Development had Jim Lawson, director of planning and development at the top, Tony Bozynski as assistant director alongside Dana Carney as zoning and subdivision manager. Below Bozynski was planning manager Walter Malone and GIS analyst Dennis Webb.

The City of Little Rock Presidential Park Organization Chart for Public Works had at its head Bob Turner, the director of public works. Reporting directly to him were assistant directors Steve Beck, Wendell Jones, and Guy Lowes. Reporting to Steve Beck were civil engineering manager Steve Haralson]], traffic engineering manager Bill Henry, projects manager Eric Petty, design review engineer Tad Borkowski, and a design team of staff engineers. Reporting to Bill Henry were systems engineer Brian Vines and engineering specialist Derrick Bergfield. reporting to Wendell Jones was Jessie Trigleth, the building services manager. Reporting to Guy Lowes was Ronnie Loe, the operations manager.


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