Champion Tree program

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The Champion Tree program of the Arkansas Forestry Commission was created to identify the largest trees of each species in the state.

The trees are compared using the "Bigness Index" of the nonprofit organization American Forest. The Bigness Index incorporates several measurements, including the circumference of the trunk, total height, and crown spread. The formula for Bigness is circumference plus crown spread divided by four plus height.

Current Champion Trees in Central Arkansas

  • Amur Corktree - 817 Tabor Avenue, Sherwood (Pulaski County)
  • Cherrybark Oak - 709 Jefferson Street, Lonoke (Lonoke County)
  • Chinese Parasoltree - #2 Lyledale Court, Little Rock (Pulaski County)
  • Crepe Myrtle - Hwy. 70 and Walker Road near North Little Rock (Pulaski County)
  • English Walnut - 121 NE 2nd Street, England (Lonoke County)
  • Florida Maple - SE 1/4, NW 1/4 S3, T19W, R3N (Perry County)
  • Japanese Pagodatree - 817 Tabor Avenue, Sherwood (Pulaski County)
  • Ozark Chinkapin - near Riverview (Conway County)
  • Paperbark Maple - 817 Tabor Avenue, Sherwood (Pulaski County)
  • Southern Red Oak - 709 Jefferson Avenue, Lonoke (Lonoke County)
  • Tuliptree Yellow Poplar - 520 Shenandoah Drive, Benton (Saline County)
  • Weeping Willow - 6128 Baucum Pike, North Little Rock (Pulaski County)


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