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Ceilings Plus created environmentally friendly metal and bamboo ceilings for the Clinton Library. The perforated and non-perforated aluminum ceiling panels are made primarily from recycled soda cans (~75 percent). The custom-made Arboreal® carbonized bamboo ceiling covers 9,000 square feet. Polshek Partnership selected bamboo for the ceilings as it is a "rapidly renewable" building material. The aluminum and bamboo ceilings helped the Library achieve LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Notes Ceilings Plus president Nancy Mercolino, "Arboreal panels are fabricated with automated CAD/CAM equipment. That enabled us to economically produce panels in hundreds of sizes and configurations to satisfy the unique design requirements of the Clinton Library. In addition to providing the bamboo veneer and meeting rigorous environmental conditions, the Arboreal panels were custom perforated to provide the desired appearance and create a high noise reduction coefficient. And because Arboreal panels are so lightweight, we could provide them in sizes up to twelve feet long by four feet wide to fit the large scale of the Library's exhibit halls."

All ceiling panels are fitted into a steel grid. The Ceilings Plus Clinton Library project covered approximately 15,480 square feet. Ceilings Plus is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.


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