Arkansas Act 1813

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The Arkansas Act 1813 of 2003 exists to "clarify the purpose for obtaining a Private Club Permit." The act states the definition of a Private Club as:

"a nonprofit corporation organized and existing under the laws of this state no part of the net revenues of which shall inure directly or indirectly to the benefit of any of its members or any other individual except for the payment of bona fide expenses of the club's operations and which is conducted for some common recreational, social, patriotic, political, national, benevolent, athletic, community hospitality, professional association, entertainment, or other nonprofit object or purpose other than the consumption of alcoholic beverages."

The act also states the specifics of what Private Club status entails. For licensure, the establishment must have been in existence for a period of one year prior, have 100 members at the time of application, and must have a plan to own/buy/lease/rent a property capable of accommodating guests and members.


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