Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board

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The Alcoholic Beverage Control Board or ABC of Arkansas oversees the regulation, supervision and control of the manufacture, distribution and sale of all alcoholic beverages. Anyone wishing to sell, produce, distribute, etc. alcohol in the State of Arkansas must apply for a permit though the ABC. The board will then decide whether the applicant meets certain qualifications established by law and regulation, ultimately denying or issuing a permit.

There are five board members appointed by the Governor of Arkansas for six-year terms. Board meetings are held once a month. Meeting transcripts are provided on the ABC website citing application status as well as reasons for denial or approval of each application.

The Application Process

All applicants of a alcohol permit are required to attend an ABC Educational seminar, outlining the rules and regulations associated with each permit. The seminar usually last for 4 hours, not including a one hour lunch break and recesses.

There are 41 types of permits which can be applied for including:

  • Beer On Premises Permit
  • Beer Off Premises Permit
  • Small Farm Wine Retail Off Premises Permit
  • Temporary Wine Permit
  • Military Service Club Mixed Drink Permit
  • Brandy Distilling Permit
  • Sampling Permit

Permits that have been repealed include:

  • Wine Manufacturer For Home Use Permit (repealed in 1997)
  • Sunday Alcoholic Beverage Permit (repealed in 2009) see Sunday Blue Law

ABC provides all Rules and Regulations of Arkansas alcohol permits on their website.

Other ABC Resources

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Division is also required to maintain a list of retailers who have paid wholesalers with insufficient funds checks. No wholesaler is allowed to sell or deliver alcohol to any retailer on the list until bounced payments have been paid in full. The list is available on the ABC website.

Contact Information

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Administration is located at 1515 W 7th St, Ste 503 in Little Rock, Arkansas, 72201. They can be contacted by phone at 501-682-1105 or by fax at 501-682-2221.