Abuse prevention

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The Children Abuse Prevention Association’s main goal is to put an end to child abuse through strengthening relationships and promoting healing amongst those children who have been neglected or those that have been physically or sexually abused. The members within this organization commit themselves to various programs and services to assist with the funding needed to provide treatment for abused children. For example, they will be hosting a “Blue Tie Affair” in April of 2011. This is just one of the many programs they offer. They also promote educational prevention programs as an effort to help individuals become more aware of abuse and the different signs of abuse. Their vision is to make every child and family receives help without delay when contacting child abuse services. They also want new parents to have the opportunity to build a strong support system and create a nurturing environment for the child to strive in, and to elaborate to their entire community that they each have a responsibility to report and help prevent abuse. The theme of CAPA is “A Home for Every Heart”. They adopted the theme from Mother Teresa who spent a lot of time among the starving and homeless. They believe when children experience physical or emotional neglect, they develop a bitterness that sticks with them throughout their lives. As a result, this would eventually lead to more distress and loneliness in the child’s adult life. Those neglected children will become people whose hearts have no home. However, CAPA wants to prevent this from happening. So, they are proud to be in the business of building homes for the heart.