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= Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Day =
= Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Day =

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Lieutenant Colonel Joseph A. Day

[D.O.B.]-27 October 1944

Principle of Morrilton High School, Chairman of the Morrilton Chamber of Commerce, Fort Smith Junior High Principle 1928-1938, and President of Henderson State Teachers College until 1941, and was the Principle of Peabody School in 1923

Personal History

Day lived in Morrilton and Fort Smith. He attended the Arkansas State Teachers College (now known as the University of Central Arkansas), he received his Bachelors of Science from George Peabody College, and his Master of Science from Columbia University.

He served in WWI, as well as WII, in the National Guard.


Day died in the Army and Navy General Hospital in Hot Springs, AR from a disease he had contracted while serving in Alaska.